A Must Have Diet Book: The Gerson Therapy Diet Book

Gerson Therapy Diet book is a documentation book of a complete dietary program designed by DR Max Gerson with aim to help people prevent human body from degenerative diseases and heal for those who has. The book itself written by his daughter, Charlotte. She has been dedicating her life to introduce Gerson diet and apply the diet to her patients commonly who are in terminal or acute stage of the diseases. This book gives hope that for every illness, there is a way to cure it, and it trough foods. 5 Reasons Why Gerson Therapy Diet Book is a Worth Lifetime investment I […]

Hummingbird Straw Glass BPA FREE Reusable Straw

I love my hummingbird straw glass. One of best reasons for my self to move from plastic straws to glass straws, BPA free and reusable straw are for few good reasons: Save The Planet. The best way to drink your smoothie and other liquid foods are with straw. However if we use disposable plastic straw, we cannot re-use it and have to throw them away to the bin. Can you imagine how much garbage we creates from straw it self?. It’s a lot and really effect our planet. At least, we can show how much we care of our earth by […]

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Detox Burn Fat fast

I love to use teas when it comes for body detox. As you can read as well in my website, I have been providing some green tea detox recipes: Cinnamon green tea detox cleanse and green tea detox with pineapple. Moreover, I have recipes with tea to make body cleansing juices and weight loss as well.  As I explained many times on my site,  good things about detox with tea or known as teatox is, it helps for detox and at the same time may help you to reduce some weight. But, sometimes we are just a little bit lazy or […]

baetea weight loss tea detox

green tea detox cleanse

Hot Cinnamon Green Tea Detox Cleanse For Weight Loss

I am sure everyone is familiar with green tea, cinnamon and lemon. Those products are around us and maybe we have made drinks with one of them before as a stand alone drink. As for me, I drink hot lemon water in the morning. Cinnamon green tea detox cleanse recipe is a green tea detox recipe that mixed with those two foods, cinnamon and lemon. Benefits of Hot Cinnamon Green Tea Detox  Cleanse Green tea, cinnamon and lemon has valuable nutrients to promote many health benefits for our body. These foods contain high antioxidants that helps to protect our body from a […]

Best Treatment Dry Lips with Lips Therapy Products

I used to have a very dry lips and this was very annoying, I don’t look attractive. I become very picky when I have to choose lipstick brands. I cannot wear a matte lipstick because It won’t cover my crack lips. Instead, matte lipstick will make my dry lips condition become worst. Therefore, I would like to share in here my best treatment dry lips that work pretty well on me, with lips balm and lips mask.  Just a reminder that “Your lips don’t have oil glands, and they’re almost always exposed to the elements” explained by WEBMD. Best Treatment Dry Lips […]

best treatment dry lips